Homelessness in Silicon Valley

Homelessness in Silicon Valley

Building a homeless-free community

Muindi Foundation is committed to doing whatever it takes to build a homeless-free community. That means we need every person to pitch in because nearly every neighborhood in Silicon Valley is affected and must leverage every available resource and collaborate with organizations and people who share our belief that homelessness is unacceptable.

Stay Informed

Does it seem odd to you, seeing so many homeless people in Silicon Valley?

As the largest city in Silicon Valley, San Jose has an estimated 4,300 homeless residents — a number that swells to around 7,000 people for the entire Santa Clara County.  On any given night, over 3,000 people sleep on the streets, but there are only around 1,000 shelter beds. In this city of 1 million people, the headquarters for billion dollar tech companies, plans to place homeless are spectacularly contentious.  Here are some resources on this vulnerable population.
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